As of today I am 21 days post PRK surgery to correct my roughly -6.75 nearsighted vision and astigmatism. The surgery has taken much, much longer to recover from than I thought.

I went in on a Thursday afternoon for the surgery. It took about 15 minutes to fill out paperwork and pay for the surgery at one desk, and another 10 minutes to fill out more paperwork at another. They gave me a small dose of Valium while I sat waiting for 10-30 minutes waiting.

Once they walked me back for the surgery, it took only about and 10 minutes. It really doesn’t take long at all. They sit you in a chair that reclines under a machine. And it takes about 5 minutes an eye to go through all the prep work followed by the zapping with the laser.

Immediately after the surgery I could already see better than going in, but it was definitely still almost as bad as it was going in.

After the surgery, I rode with my sister to pick up her children from school, and we stopped by Costco to get the eye drops for the next few weeks. They had me on 3 kinds of drops for a week, and after the first week, they changed it to two.

That evening my vision kept clearing and I could read things from across the room and was soo excited.

The 2 days following the surgery I was mostly bored, but my vision kept getting better. Everyone told me to expect large amount of pain in the first 4 days after the surgery. I didn’t really have any, just lots of boredom as I tried to avoid all reading and computers, which is a lot of my life. I spent most awake time talking to friends and family, and spent the rest of the time sleeping (12 hours a day). They cleared me to drive the 2nd day, but I don’t know that that was smart, I only drove home from my sister’s and avoided driving until the following Monday.

I was told I could be back to work on the Monday following my surgery. I don’t know that I’d recommend it. I had to increase all my font sizes. While driving to work was okay, the evening drive home was difficult and I saw quite a bit of double vision on things further in the distance.

My vision continued to clear a ton that first week, and I was so excited. But things fluctuated and the start of the second week things started to get fuzzy again. My eye doctor in one of the follow ups changed up the moistening drops I was using to ones with mega-3 in them, which seemed to help. But over the week following my vision kept getting fuzzier, and I’m back to increasing font size on my work computer, luckily things seem to have stabilized and the even improve a bit.

My eye doctor and surgeon both say that my eyes look great, and that with my level of correction, it could be as long as 2 months for everything to really clear up to 20/20 vision. I didn’t realize the recovery would be that long going in. I also didn’t realize that I’d be using eye drops every 30 minutes or so (this may be because I stare at screens all day) and as a result I haven’t been wearing any makeup for the last 3 and a half weeks.

I’m hopeful that everything will stabilize and that I won’t need to get a ‘touch up’ to get me to 20/20 vision.