My plans for living as a nomad didn’t last as long as I thought it would. Don’t get me wrong, it lasted for a good 2 months. I ended up finding an area of Provo that really appealed to me at the end of July. On August 7th I got keys and a week later started sleeping at the town home.

But first let me back up and highlight a few things I learned from living in the trailer:


  1. No rent
  2. The locations I stayed meant I grew closer to family members
  3. Disconnecting from the internet and computer
  4. Lived by a river for a good portion of the summer


  1. Short showers
  2. Electricity problems
  3. Dirty tank dumping
  4. Clean water wasn’t running constantly
  5. Everything was in storage or in the small place

Each of the cons wouldn’t keep me from doing it again. I found though that it wasn’t fulfilling what I was looking for at that point. I wanted a place I could bring people over, and that I could meet people in the same stage of life. And that is what brought me to South Provo. I had heard from one person about how there were a lot of people in similar stage of life as mine, and a few people from work really liked the area.

I thought hard about buying at the end of the summer, but it didn’t end up working out. So for now, I have a 3 bedroom town home with tons of storage. I’m not using 2 of the rooms and I might end up getting a roommate or two for those rooms to help offset costs.

I’m a bit sad to see that it’s the end of the summer, especially since there is snow on the surrounding mountains. I feel like I missed out on some of the adventures I had wanted to do, and that time went so quickly. While the trailer adventure has ended for now, I look forward to new adventures and new friends this year.