Packing is going well. Slowly, but that’s because work is a bit crazy.

For the foreseeable future, I will be living out of a hygiene bag for all my bathroom needs. One of the things that has driven me nuts about hygiene bags, is that they may be big enough, but finding what you need in the bag is just about impossible.

This bag I found, is pretty amazing. It folds into thirds. for travel, or it can lay flat across your suitcase.

The metal hook at the top is pretty sturdy. I hang the bag on the towel rack in my bathroom, and I’m using it in day to day life for now.

The three sections are made of mesh fabric and have a pretty good quality zipper. Each  section holds a decent amount, and I have attached pictures of all that I fit in each section.

You can purchase it from Amazon here for $15.19.