In a about 40 days I will be moving out of my apartment.

I have two options I am considering for the summer.

  1. Living out of my trailer
  2. Living in England for 2 months.

Living out of my trailer will be much cheaper than my apartment, or living in Europe, but Europe would be awesome! and something new.

Either one would leads me to packing up the majority of my life into a storage unit, and choosing to live with a limited set of my belongings.

As I pack the majority of my things into boxes for storage, I am doing a round of dejunking. I keep selling what I can, and taking the rest to a thrift store.

Each box I write out on two stickers and a master list of what is in the box. The list is so helpful and worth it! Especially if you have to go find things from the storage unit. This time I’m also recording the size of the boxes I’m using, thinking that it might be helpful in the future.

It’s a bit weird to be packing and moving stuff now, but I’ve found it helpful when I can to do what I call a trickle move, where I’m slowly moving boxes out of my apartment as they are packed up into the storage unit I signed up for. And then by the last week, I only will have what I need to live, and big furniture left.

I’ll try to keep this blog updated on how I end up living this summer.