While cleaning up my apartment, I was sorting through some papers and I found a binder from 15 years ago, where I had printed off calendar pages and then just entered a very short note of what I had done that day. It was very meaningful to me, a lot more meaningful than I thought it would be when I was creating it.

After finding the binder, I decided to research a bit about the bullet journaling I had seen  on Pinterest. I ended up taking some thoughts from the bullet journaling pins and turned my bullet journal into a mix of habit tracking, planning, and journaling.

I started off with a cheap spiral bound graph paper note book from an office supply store. It was a nice way to see if this form of journalling was going to be worth it to me.

After a week, I found that I was really enjoying having a way of recording my thoughts and I decided that I would really like to have everything recorded in a nicer notebook. I turned to Amazon to look for an actual bullet journal. After a bunch of research I settled on the Leuchtturm1917. I was very happy with it when I received it in the mail. It’s hardbound, but it lays flat. It’s a little taller than I expected, but still fits in my bag with my laptop.

My weekly spread typically includes a weekly calendar, habit tracker, expense tracker, motivational quote, and a sleep tracker.

The weekly calendar, I put any big events or appointments I know about in advance in, but no task lists. At the end of the day I summarize what I did. It’s brief, and in the moment seems almost trivial. But after looking at 15 years ago it’s so meaningful later.

The habit tracker has been a nice way for me to see how I’m doing on a few meaningful things for the week. Water intake, making my bed are common ones right now.

I thought to start an expense tracker and a sleep tracker, as a way to daily be reminded to watch my finances and my sleep.

I also purchased this set of Sakura’s 16-Piece Pen Set because they are archival quality pens, and the varied colors would be fun for the bullet journaling. The felt tips are awesome for bullet journaling, and don’t smear or bleed through as much as some other pens.