We live in a world that is really quite amazing. There is so much that we get to enjoy in our day to day lives. These first few gratitude posts are somewhat centered around things in my vacation.

  1. Beaches – Today I got to spend a good amount of time playing on a beach. It was pretty much a private beach. It was a little cold, but there was quite a bit of peace and tranquility on that beach, playing in the water and watching the waves and birds.
  2. Sunsets – We have some incredible sunsets. The beauty of the sunset over the ocean and reflecting across the clouds and water is just stunning. I loved having the chance to take pictures and watching the sunset this morning.
  3. Peace – I take for granted growing up in the time I have, even though there have been on-going wars and challenges in the world, I haven’t seen any great wars. I ignore a lot the opportunity for peace in my life, choosing to worry and stress to levels I don’t have to.