Since I’m still going into work every day, I’m driving an hour and 10 minutes one way for the commute, it’s not very efficient, but it’s accomplishing what I need it to. Seriously consider when picking a place to stay what kind of commutes that will force on you.

So far my tanks seem to be holding out. I am in a camp spot with no hookups, and as of yet I haven’t needed to go dump tanks or fill up on water. Since Saturday I’ve only taken one shower in the trailer, and I’m typically gone half the day for work. I still have 2/3 a tank of fresh water, and mostly empty black and grey water tanks.

Full disclosure I’ve not cooked anything here, I have naked smoothies for lunch, sometimes sandwiches while at the trailer, but I’m out and about for a lot of my meals… If I were to cook more the tank situation might be different.

The battery is lasting better since I disconnect it during the day. I don’t bother with running the fridge because I am eating convenience food most days. Though I’ve charged it 2-3 times since coming up here. I have a plan to expand the battery life with better batteries later.