I’m currently parked up near strawberry resevoir in Utah. Already it’s shown me how dependent I was on the constant connection to the internet. 

From the moment I woke up to the moment I went to bed, I was using electricity and the Internet. 

I also never thought about how much I was using to heat or cool my apartment.

Last night I chose not to turn on my furnace because I knew I didn’t have a full tank of propane, and I need my fridge to use the propane. So it was cold this morning. It’s weird to wake up cold, when it’s August and I know that down in the valley it’s cooling off to maybe the low 70’s. 

This morning I couldn’t stand the cold and turned on the furnace for a bit, which then made the smoke detectors go off because the furnace is still burning off manufacturing oils. 

I turned off the furnace and the smoke detector and opened windows while I wrapped in a blanket. Luckily it had started to warm up outside, though it was pouring buckets. 

After a bit of sitting inside and reading, my carbon monoxide alarm started going off. I opened the door and started reading the carbon monoxide alarm panel, the sequence of lights going off actually were showing that there was low power going to the alarm. Apparently I had drained the battery! I’m pretty sure that the battery was mostly full as of parking the dang thing yesterday. But maybe not. 

If your battery dies, sometimes your towing vehicle can charge the trailer when the trailer is plugged in. I also run the car so that there is less risk of draining the car’s battery. It didn’t take my truck long to charge the trailer battery. 10-15 minutes gave me a nearly full charge.

I really wish I had packed some paper, books and projects(beyond my camera stuff). And will grab some when I go to get my packages that showed up over the weekend.