Today is the first day I’m living in my trailer. It was harder to leave my apartment than I’d like.

I learned a few things:

  1. Ordering off of Amazon doesn’t work well if you don’t live at home. You might need a friend or some place you can use for mail and package delivery.
  2. Fill both propane tanks when you buy a trailer, it’s just easier to get the shop you bought the trailer from to fill both up. And if you know you need to fill one up, do it at the next available spot you find.
  3. If you don’t go to full hookups every night it will be cheaper, but then you can’t charge your devices from the trailer. To get around this, charge from your car, or perhaps have spare batteries.
  4. Depending on where you go, you might not have Internet. Pack some paper and books just in case.
  5. Bring cash! It’s easiest to pay for nights at a campground.
  6. We live in an amazing world, but we spend most of our time glued to the TV, or in a very small part of the world. Adventures can be a very short drive away if we are willing to get out!