Back when I moved in July of last year, I bought a table for like $75-100. It came with an extra leaf and 4 chairs. Everything was in pretty good shape too.

Today I sold it. And I don’t plan on replacing it right now. I hardly ever eat at my own table. When I eat at home, I almost always choose to eat on my couch (not the best idea, but… I can’t help it) and watch a show.

The table started to be a place I’d dump things on, and say I’d take care of later. And then I’d just add more to it.

I’m really happy to just have sold it for $100 and not have to move it in a week, and to not have it being a space hog or a junk collector.

There may come a time where I choose to get a table again, but for now I am excited to be kitchen table free!