I really struggle with creating a good work/life balance. By the end of a work day, I get home and am either exhausted or have more work I have to fit in. I never fully understood how hard it was for men to work full time outside of the home.

I never saw myself being a working woman. I thought I’d go to school, get married and then graduate and stay home with children. I never saw myself working 8 hours a day away from the home.

It’s been quite the challenge to try and handle things like grocery shopping and cooking at the end of a long day and to handle my expectations for my life.
I don’t know how married men do it. They must really find it exhausting to come home and be expected to help out with a family.

I don’t mean to say that working or having a family is bad, but I’m curious to know how to get a good work life balance. A balance where I can feel like my life is well rounded and happy.