At the end of February my contract where I’m at was supposed to end. I found out that my place in addition to most new places, require you to fill out a form 60 days before you want to move out, declaring that you are leaving. This is required even if you have a contract that “ends” on a specific date. I use quotes because even though my contract ends the end of February, the complex auto-renews my contract to a month-to-month contract.

I did a bunch of searching for condos, town homes and houses to buy, but ended up deciding to rent another year. I’m hoping by renting another year, I can save up some more money to use for a down payment or closing costs.

I ended up finding a place not far from where I live currently. The square footage is about the same as where I am, but the cost is $200 a month cheaper. I like the lighting and the floor plan better than where I am.

I’m hoping the costs of moving will be worth it. And will be a perfect opportunity to go through and reorganize my belongings. I think I’m a little too focused on belongings, I think perhaps it’s partially because I’ve been so focused on school and work for so long, that I’ve neglected other areas of my life.