The most recent push for me to become minimalist came after 3 months of my stuff being in a storage unit. I was living out of a suitcase, and had bits and pieces of my belongings scattered across 5 locations, the majority being at my storage unit, but a few boxes here and there at family member’s near by.

At the end of July I signed up for a new apartment and got most everything moved to my apartment. As I unpacked I was amazed at how much I still had and moved around even though I knew I would never get around to using it all.

So began round 3ish of dejunking.

I didn’t end up doing a huge amount of dejunking at once, but over time got another 4 or so loads of things taken to thrift stores. What started as 2 full shelves of projects and things, I got it down to 1 and a stack of tubs.

It’s been an exercise of removing items that are bothering me and reducing what I have to think about.