Back in 2012, I was packing my stuff up from a two bedroom apartment and planned to store it while I went back to living in furnished student housing. From helping my sister move I had learned to number my boxes and have an inventory sheet of what I owned.

To my horror I reached 76~ boxes and it took one and a half trips with a 24 foot moving truck to move everything. I filled a 9 x 16 storage unit by myself! Just me! I realized I really needed to sort everything and get rid of some things that I just didn’t need to keep around.

Over the course of the next year I would periodically move things to my apartment and get rid of a few things and then take the boxes back to the unit. I really didn’t get rid of too much at this point, but I came to hate the weight of that storage unit. I was essentially living out of a suitcase. I didn’t need much kitchen stud because I never ate at home.

The real change started to show up when I moved my stuff from the storage unit to my boyfriend’s garage. We filled that garage and actually never parked a car in the time he rented there. Occasionally, I would bring a box up to the apartment and sort through what was in the boxes. I’d throw away meaningless junk, and make piles of stuff to trade or sell.

My sister and I did 2 or 3 different yard sales and a few trips to donate piles to charity. I started to think maybe I had actually gotten to the point I didn’t have more to go through. Everything again got moved to a storage unit. This time I managed to fit in a 10×10, but I had gotten rid of a couch and an old mattress that I never wanted to sleep on again.