So I ended up missing a day :(. Sometimes life just gets too busy to keep up with things.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Not to be controversial or anything, but I was realizing how much thanksgiving has become about over indulgence. I don’t know how many people are really even taking the time to be grateful for anything, but are just enjoying the rich foods.

I think part of it may come from the fact that people so easily eat home cooked meals or desserts. I would like to turn thanksgiving back into a day of thanks and eat well but not pig out. I think I’ll try to cook more home meals so that holidays aren’t the only days I eat food.

26 things!

I’m grateful for:

  1. Generosity of my sister.
  2. The Kindness of the Davis family.
  3. My mom’s cooking.
  4. Friendship with siblings
  5. Card games.
  6. Jokes.
  7. Computer games.
  8. Remembering thanksgiving is not just about food.
  9. Socks.
  10. A house to live in.
  11. Touch.
  12. Eyes that I can see with.
  13. Healthy teeth.
  14. Paid vacation days.
  15. Being willing to try things.
  16. Seeing the world with a different perpective.
  17. Not shopping on Black Friday.
  18. Becoming more organized.
  19. Hair.
  20. Quiet holidays.
  21. Being able to help my sister
  22. Being the one my sister comes to when she’s having a hard time.
  23. Having money to heat my house
  24. Time spent with happy friends.
  25. Having places to go on holidays.
  26. People to learn from.