Today being November 22 should have 22 items listed. A recap on yesterday…. It was harder than I’d like on my first day to have such a hard time coming up with a list.

One suggestion is to try and write the list throughout the day, not just at the end like ive been doing. By doing that, you might just change your attitude in the moment.

Here goes nothing, today I’m grateful for:

  1. Inspiration.
  2. Traditions.
  3. Fall leaves.
  4. Service others are willing to give strangers.
  5. Opposition.
  6. Vegetables
  7. Being able to distinguish what is important to me and what is not.
  8. My couch.
  9. Hope.
  10. Kind notes from others.
  11. Ice cream.
  12. Sleeping in.
  13. Being able to brighten other people’s days.
  14. Sundays.
  15. Flowers.
  16. Nicknames.
  17. Weekends.
  18. Comfy pants.
  19. Clothes that fit.
  20. Texts from people that mean the most to me.
  21. Hot water.
  22. The change from materialism to enjoying experiences.