One frustrating thing about the holidays is the focus on material things. November is about food and shopping, and December is all about shopping and getting presents. 

I came up with an idea for a challenge for the months of November and December: for the day of month you are on, write out that many things you are grateful for. So today being the 21st I would write out 21 things.

These things aren’t in order of importance, but are numbered just to help me think. If you start at the beginning of the month, by the end of the challenge you will have listed roughly 500 things you are grateful for.

I am grateful for:

  1. My job.
  2. My apartment. 
  3. Warm showers.
  4. My truck.
  5. My phone.
  6. Books.
  7. Colors.
  8. Friendships.
  9. The ability to make choices.
  10. Sleeping in.
  11. Health.
  12. Phone calls with my sister.
  13. Food.
  14. Vacation days.
  15. My computer.
  16. Stars.
  17. Mountains.
  18. Comfortable beds.
  19. Games.
  20. Minimalism.
  21. Feeling freedom from reduced quantity of things.