Recently I went on a pretty awesome trip down to California. It was a total of 5 days. 

Starting Wednesday, my group of friends and I drove from Utah through Vegas down to Aneheim. 

We left later than I had hoped for, which frustrated me. I dealt with it by playing with The Giraffe. He found a pocket full of snacks. Humor is such a good way to deal with frustrations!


Once we got on the road, we got on I-15 and stayed on it for ever. I love warm weather and really enjoyed that until November, and the very day we left, it was warm and in the 60s or higher. But the weather turned the day we left and meant we drove through snow as we headed south. It led to beautiful pictures, but I looked at the snow with a bit of dread for the coming winter months.  

The drive was pretty uneventful until The Giraffe got ahold of the steering wheel, he acquired the nickname while driving of Speedy Gonzales. I’ll let you guess how fast he got… 


A few tips from this road trip include:

  • Plan on leaving about 2 hours before you really want to leave. You can always be surprised by being early to where you want to be, rather than frustrated with stops and traffic and getting to your vacation late.
  • Bring a bunch of water bottles and snacks. Celery is a favorite road trip snack for me. 
  • Bring garbage bags. These can be very useful for keeping trash from accumulating and smelling up your car or if someone gets car sick, avoiding having them smell up the car.
  • Pack fewer activities than you think you need for in the car. I always bring too much and do none of them!